GrainTrend Pty Ltd

GrainTrend is actively involved in the export of pulses, durum, wheat, barley, red sorghum, white sorghum, oilseeds and cottonseed.

GrainTrend has developed a network of customers in various parts of the world, including the Indian sub-continent, South East Asia, China, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. GrainTrend also sources pulses, wheat and feed grains from Russia and Ukraine.

In Australia, GrainTrend maintains close business relationships with growers, packing plants, country merchants, grain brokers and the Australian grain trade.

The company prides itself in maintaining a strong reputation amongst industry participants through its professional and highly experienced personnel, ethical practices and robust business systems.

The Australian Durum Company Pty Ltd (ADC)

ADC forms part of the GrainTrend Group. It specialises in the accumulation and export of durum to Italy and North Africa.

ADC sources durum directly from growers in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland.

The directors of ADC have many years of experience in the export of durum.

Members of:

  • Grain Trade Australia
  • Pulse Australia
  • CICILS (International Pulses Trade and Industry Confederation), Dubai

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